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The collection contains copies of many of the official documents of the 9/11 Commission, including meeting minutes, public hearing and selected reading binders, press releases and documents associated with the release of the 9/11 Commission Report in the summer of 2004. There are a number of gaps in the material and the early public hearings and commission minutes are missing. The collection is divided into four series.

Series I: Official Commission Documents – this series contains meeting minutes, March 2003 – March 2004; public hearing briefing binders beginning with the Sixth Public Hearing, including the interviews with President Bush and Vice President Cheney and 4 President Clinton and Vice President Gore; and selected reading and information binders prepared by commission staff teams. These documents are organized into four subseries: A - Commission Meetings, B – Commission Hearings and Interviews, C – Information Inquiry Binders, D – Information Folders.

Series II: Commission Activities and Communication -- this series contains material collected and saved by Fred Fielding, one member of the tenth member commission. The material follows the activities of the commission from its creation in December 2002 through the final report is July 2004 and contains a collection of the communication between commission members, with and from the commission staff, administrative agencies and the public at large. The material is organized by subject within three main chronological periods of commission activity. These subject areas include: prep material for public hearings, fact finding activity, commission organization and operation, negotiation and communication with the White House and other executive agencies, commission discussion and deliberations often in the form of e-mail messages, press releases and other statements from the commission, communication with the Family Steering Group, correspondence to Fielding or the full commission from persons who wanted to provide information or influence commission findings, and news articles about the commission’s activities. This material would suggest that Mr. Fielding did much to facilitate cooperation between the commission and the Bush White House. The chronological subseries are: A – Organization, B – December 2002 – August 2003, C – Bulk Dates Fall 2003, D – Bulk Dates Spring 2004.

Series III: Final Report and Post-Release Activity: Public Discourse Project – this series contains Commission activity in preparation for the release of the final report, briefing material at the time of release, response to the report by the government and others, reorganization of the Commissioners as the privately funded advocacy group the ‘Public Discourse Project’, the status of recommendations at a one-year review, and a Bipartisan Policy Center program on Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary of The 9/11 Commission Report. This material is arranged into four subseries: A – Release of Final Report, B – Public Discourse Project, C – One-Year Review, D – Commission Report: Ten Years Later

Series IV: Supplemental Material – this series contains material collected by Mr. Fielding and perhaps distributed to Commission members regarding terrorism and the volatile political situation in the Middle East and extra copies of the final report and recommendations.

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July 2014


9/11, terrorism, presidents, commission report


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MS – 216: Fred Fielding 9/11 Commission Papers