Glatfelter Gazette

Welcome to the Glatfelter Gazette, a journal established under Gettysburg College’s Political Science department! The journal features four sections/subfields: American Government, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Political Theory. The journal intends to feature current-event analyses submitted by students at Gettysburg College.

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Please note that your submission will not be anonymous, and your work will need to be approved by the Glatfelter Gazette's faculty advisor(s) prior to being published.

Editorial Board 2023-2024

Faculty Advisors

  • Professor Bruce Larson
  • Professor Scott Boddery
  • Professor Caroline Hartzell
  • Professor Lindsay Reid

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Economic Interdependence and Conflict: An International Relations Theory Analysis, Sam M. Arkin


LAWS: Prospects of Regulation, Sam M. Arkin


From Obama to Trump to Biden: U.S. Involvement and Policy Tactics in the Yemeni Civil War, Anthony (Sungho) Choi and Patrick Mahoney


COVID-19 Has Killed Globalization as We Know It, but It Is Not Too Late for a Different Approach, John Zak