Glatfelter Gazette

Welcome to the Glatfelter Gazette, a journal established under Gettysburg College’s Political Science department! The journal features four sections/subfields: American Government, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Political Theory. The journal intends to feature current-event analyses submitted by students at Gettysburg College.

Visit the Glatfelter Gazette website.

Editorial Board

  • Anthony Choi, Editor-in-Chief/Executive Editor
  • Olivia Harrison, Section Editor (American Government)
  • Ethan Kincaid, Section Editor (International Relations)
  • Vanessa Villarreal, Section Editor (International Relations)
  • Cate Pollini, Section Editor (Comparative Politics)
  • Sammy Ventimiglia, Section Editor (Political Theory)

Faculty Advisors

  • Professor Bruce Larson
  • Professor Scott Boddery
  • Professor Caroline Hartzell
  • Professor Lindsay Reid