Front-Page Jews: Doris Wittner's (1880-1937) Berlin Feuilletons

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Book Summary: Discovering Women’s History brings to light the work of a selection of German-speaking women journalists from the first half of the twentieth century who made significant contributions to German life and culture, yet are barely known today. The volume builds upon scholarship on women and culture by focusing on individual journalists who published both within and outside the periodicals of women’s organizations and women’s magazines, thus offering a sampling of the vastly different perspectives of German-speaking women journalists during this period. The contributors to the volume aim to raise awareness regarding the great range of viewpoints represented by women journalists as well as challenging gender-based stereotypes of women’s writing that have traditionally tended to simplify the complexities of women’s diverse experiences.

Chapter Summary: This is the first article to focus on German-Jewish writer Doris Wittner, whose work appeared in prominent Berlin newspapers and the Jewish press in the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s.

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