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The people of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania heralded in the year of 1911 and reflected on their accomplishments throughout the past year. With "pealing bells, tooting whistles and noisy revolvers...in a more vigorous way than has been witnessed here for many years," this New Year’s Eve celebration recognized the past year as it welcomed the new year to come. The entire town took part and its faculties were utilized in the festivities of the night, including "the Court House bell and those of the St. James and College Lutheran churches...engines added their quota of noise and all over town men brought into use guns and revolvers." The year of 1910 was a noteworthy year for the town and larger county. The citizens "witnessed the erection of a large number of handsome homes, a sure sign of prosperity." Business firms developed and the county saw an outstanding apple crop and tourist season. In general, the year of 1910 was proudly characterized and recorded by Gettysburg’s constituents as a great place to call home.