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For centuries art has been used to make us think about our own human experiences. Unfortunately, works usually reflect the era which they were painted in; this has led to various artists showing, maintaining, and therefore reinforcing racist thoughts in our cultures. Art can be used to create a new narrative for our race assignments and their meanings. The idea of loving one's roots has been prevalent in many cultures, but in art form a disconnect between history and the everyday experience can arise which could miss the mark in helping us redefine our own race. Therefore, artwork which empowers the present identity of marginalized people’s own race will have a greater appeal and connection to these people. Once they can see themselves represented in a new light, we can begin to dismantle the stereotypes and preconceived notions of their own destiny. A new identification in the human psyche could lead to a betterment in their overall health. This essay analyzes distinct approaches being used to reimagine race assignment in American and Puerto Rican culture.