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The aim of this research was to look at the levels of job satisfaction among female domestic workers in Lahore and its association with the exploitation they face at work. Paid domestic service is not a part of the formal economy of Pakistan, thus there is no legal or political framework protecting workers. Informal work raises domestic workers’ chances of facing exploitation during employment in various forms. Sociological research conducted in this subject is very minimal, which is why this research was important to assess the working conditions of female domestic workers and how satisfied did they feel with their jobs. Two-Factor Theory by Herzberg was used to identify the factors of exploitation that lead to either job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. This research is of quantitative nature using survey based approach by targeting 100 employed female domestic workers above the age of 18 currently residing in Lahore. Random sampling technique was decided to be used for data collection but later on snowball sampling technique was adopted. The hypothesis for this research was “Women working in domestic service, facing more exploitation, perceive less job satisfaction and vice versa.” Factor Analysis and Simple Linear Regression were used to analyze the results of this research.