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Neutron unbound states in 23N were populated via proton knockout from an 83.4 MeV/nucleon 24O beam on a liquid deuterium target. The two-body decay energy displays two peaks at E1∼100keV and E2∼1MeV with respect to the neutron separation energy. The data are consistent with shell model calculations predicting resonances at excitation energies of ∼3.6MeV and ∼4.5MeV. The selectivity of the reaction implies that these states correspond to the first and second 3/2− states. The energy of the first state is about 1.3 MeV lower than the first excited 2+ in 24O. This decrease is largely due to coupling with the πp−13/2 hole along with a small reduction of the N=16 shell gap in 23N.



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