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Spring 2022

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Approached through the disciplinary and theoretical frameworks of public archaeology, the Archaeology Education Program for Middle School was created to better understand how an archaeology education program might be integrated into an existing curriculum and become nationally applicable to middle school settings. Research was conducted at St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School, where seventh grade students, teachers, and administration were involved in the investigation of the program's feasibility and design. It was determined that the objectives of this archaeology education program are to inform students about archaeology through educational tools and exercises that are tailored to different classroom settings, in addition to establishing an interest in the discipline. The students are immersed in a tactile learning experience that makes history come alive and the program demonstrates the ways in which archaeology seeks to create a continuum between past and present human timelines. Through hands-on experiences and a focus on critical thinking skills, the program enhances students’ orientation to the career options of historical studies and the importance of material culture. Through this pedological approach, the outcome of the week-long program lays the foundation for the public’s understanding of archaeology in an accurate and effective manner.


Written for ANTH 275: Public Archaeology.

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