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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2022

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International Affairs


The Scandinavian welfare states of Denmark and Sweden have famously similar socio-political and cultural systems, ones which have advanced the common perception of these nations as united in a common humanitarian and progressive global position. However there exists a significant divergence within either nation’s approach to immigration, asylum and integration policy, one indicative of the deeply ingrained deviations in popular understandings of national belonging and perspectives on greater European and global integration. By contextualizing the historical progressions of either nation and juxtaposing their individual responses to both the 2015 European refugee crisis and the contemporary Ukrainian conflict and resulting refugee crisis, it becomes apparent that these often-merged nations operate within starkly different realms of migration policy. This trend is emblematic of a more isolationist and nativist approach generally adopted in Denmark versus the more liberal and multilateral approach popularized in Sweden.


Written for as a Senior Thesis in International Affairs and Independent Research Project in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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