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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2022

Department 1

Political Science


What effect does social globalization have on access to legal abortion? I contend that social globalization positively influences access to legal abortion. This is because mechanisms of social globalization such as gender parity, internet access, freedom of the press, and civil liberties all have a significant effect on access to abortion. Therefore, as countries become more socially globalized, access to legal abortion will increase. Using cross-national time-series data for the period 1997-2011, I test the relationship between social globalization and access to legal abortion. I find support for the hypothesized relationship. In light of the state of abortion rights around the world today, with many countries expanding abortion access and others restricting it, it is important to examine what factors contribute to whether a country will guarantee access to legal abortion. My findings suggest that increased social globalization contributes to this and plays a significant role in guaranteeing access to abortion worldwide.


Written for POL 403: International Relations Capstone