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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2022

Department 1

Political Science


I examine the relationship between women in national parliaments and globalization. Existing scholarship has thoroughly examined how globalization affects women’s representation but there is a distinct lack of research examining the obverse relationship. I seek to examine whether the saturation of women in the legislature has a significant impact on the level of globalization within a given nation and, more specifically, whether a curvilinear relationship exists between these two variables. I hypothesize that there exists a significant relationship of a concave nature, with parliaments that have no or a small percentage of women exhibiting low levels of globalization and globalization levels rising as the percentage of women in parliament increases. Eventually, as the proportion of women in parliament continues to increase, countries will see lower levels of globalization. By looking at data from the period 1946 to 2021, the result of my test supports my hypothesis.


Written for POL 403: International Relations Capstone