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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2023

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Environmental Studies


The purpose of this project is to dive into the harm that climate change has on Guam and its population. The objectives of our project are centered on highlighting the creative resistance of the CHamoru Indigenous community on Guam to established structures of colonialism and militarization during increasing climate crises. This project explores questions such as: How is Guam being impacted by climate change? Is the impact severe and/or immediate? How is the Indigenous community in Guam affected? How does US policy help or harm the island and its Indigenous population? What is being done to protect the island and its Indigenous population? Are there immediate issues of displacement? To answer these questions we utilized existing literature, first hand accounts, and conducted an interview with Dr. Tiara R. Na'puti, an Indigenous CHamoru activist and academic from Guam. In addition to this paper, we created a Storymap to serve as a resource for others researching Guam, the relationship between climate change and the island's history of colonialism and Militarism, and the response of Indigenous communities to this issue.


Written for ES 400: Seminar.

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