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The Seven Years’ War represented a new chapter in American military history, introducing European cultures of warfare to the North American continent for the first time in generations. This led to significant intermixture, dialogue, and debate between Indian, colonial, and metropolitan military men, especially within the context of New France. While some historians have located the debate between Canadian and metropolitan French military cultures as an attempt by the metropolitans to impose their own ways forcibly onto the existing landscape, this paper contends that both sides were remarkably willing to alter their manners of fighting and adapt in a syncretic manner to create a uniquely American way of war. Locating its argument in the correspondences and journals of French officers and soldiers, as well as a firm basis in the existing secondary literature, this paper seeks to revise conventional narratives surrounding the nature of the French and Canadian experience of the Seven Years’ War.


Written for HIST 314: Early Modern Europe 1555-1750

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