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Spring 2023

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Religious Studies


John “Jay” Kordich, an American “health reformer,” salesman, author, and celebrity, is best known for his recipe books on diet and health and his series of television infomercials. With his charismatic presentations and playful sense of humor, he captivated audiences with his demonstrations of various models of juicers and the delicious taste of his fresh juices. Kordich is part of a long line of health reformers, fasters, and practitioners of alternative medicine that has persisted in American culture for over 200 years. These advocates of alternative medicine have not only met a need for medical treatment, but also for religion in a time of increasing secularization. This project analyzes the work of Kordich as a form of secular religion and how Kordich utilizes the language and structure of religion in his advertising as a way of communicating with an audience. I investigate a variety of primary sources produced by Kordich and then apply the theoretical frameworks of religious studies to them. Kordich’s practice of juicing can be interpreted as religion due to its reliance on ritual behavior and belief. By positioning himself as an authority in a marketplace full of alternative spiritualities, Kordich opens up opportunities for himself to market his own products and promote his own life and family as the American ideal.


Written for REL 400: Capstone Experience

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