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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2023

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to support Human Resources (HR) functions has recently gained influence and sparked controversy in both academic and applied settings. While studies on human-technology interaction have mainly focused on the response of humans to digital technologies in various contexts (e.g., instant messaging and social media), there remains a lack of empirical research on HR professionals’ individual perceptions of AI tools. This paper will utilize McCrae & Costa’s Big-Five Factor Model of Personality (1989) to develop five theoretical propositions about HR workers’ dispositional willingness to accept AI technology. It is proposed that while agreeableness, openness to experience, extraversion, and conscientiousness are positively related to AI acceptance among HR professionals, neuroticism is negatively related to acceptance of AI technology. I also describe directions for future research, along with considerations for HR departments that are interested in incorporating AI-based tools in their operations.


Written for MGT 405: Advanced Topics in Business, Organizations, and Management.

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