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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2023

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Environmental Studies

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Center for Public Service


Civil unrest in Liberia, a West Coast African nation, has caused the destruction of essential infrastructure, particularly water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) systems. As a result, there is a high reliance on unsafe water sources and prevalence of waterborne diseases and health issues, particularly in the Yeakpee Town Community. Inadequate funding has hindered progress, and there are connections between gender inequalities and limited access to clean water. The Clean Water Save Lives project, launched in 2020, aimed to provide sustainable access to clean water in Yeakpee Town community by constructing a water pump with a filtration system. The project aimed to address water injustice by providing fair and equal access, promoting proper garbage disposal, and ensuring efficient management of water infrastructures. It also aimed to address health concerns associated with contaminated water and disparities in water access based on gender. The primary objective of the current project was to provide clean water and foster a healthier living environment in Yeakpee Town by repairing infrastructure and installing new water pumps. This paper provides a summary of the rationale for this work, of the steps needed to complete the work and the outcomes that resulted, and of recommendations for similar projects in the future.


Written for ES 319: Individualized Study-Internship.

Research funded by The Center For Public Service at Gettysburg College and The SHECAN (Supporting Her Education Changes A Nation) Organization.

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