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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2023

Department 1



This study addresses the intersection between sports marketing and branding among Generation Z, investigating the challenges, opportunities, and evolving dynamics in the digital realm. The problem at hand revolves around the intricate web of issues faced by athletes and stakeholders, including the implementation of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules, ethical considerations, and the transformative impact of social media. Background information was gathered from peer-reviewed literature. Using a qualitative research method, five participants from diverse sporting backgrounds provided insights through interviews. The participants were asked questions in a semi-formal setting about their personal experiences, background and understanding, education on these topics, ethical and legal considerations, impact on underrepresented groups, challenges, and future trends and predictions. The study illuminates the need for educational initiatives to empower athletes in navigating this digital landscape. Looking forward, the conclusion emphasizes the continued growth of sports marketing through social media. As Generation Z shapes the future of sports engagement, this study provides a snapshot of the current landscape while paving the way for future explorations into the evolving dynamics of sports marketing in the digital age.


Written for MGT 405: Advanced Topics in BOM.

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