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This booklet includes Biology student presentations by: Taylor Bury, Abigail Dworkin-Brodsky, Mary Pearce, Jasper Leavitt, Morgan Panzer, Ellen Petley, Kalli Qutub, Taylor Randell, Samantha Eck, Lana McDowell, Jenn Soroka, Celina Harris, Natalie Tanke, Alexandra Turano, and Caroline Garliss.

This booklet includes Biochemistry & Molecular Biology student presentations by: Matthew Dunworth, Andrew Sydenstricker, Brianne Tomko, Albert Vill, Warren Campbell, David Van Doren, Kevin Mrugalski, Stacey Heaver, Alecia Achimovich, and Katherine Boas.

This booklet includes Chemistry student presentations by: Kristen Baker, Laura Lee, Kathryn Fodale, Daniel Ruff, Michael Counihan, Ida DiMucci, Joshua Sgroi, Celina Harris, and Natalie Tanke.

This booklet include Health Science student presentations by: Alex Lupolt, Daniel Moorehead, Samantha Eck, Lana McDowell, and Jenn Soroka.

This booklet includes Psychology student presentations by: Monica Doring, Samantha Eck, Lana McDowell, Jenn Soroka, Alexandra Turano, and Caroline Garliss.

This booklet includes Physics student presentations by: Ryan McCabe, Scott Magers, Heather Garland, Ben Machtinger, Alana Allen, Andre Hinds, Abby Bull, Tessa Thorsen, Stephen Kenyon, Franz Utermohlen, Madison Hill, Taylor Jacovich, and Amanda Krehbiel.


Sponsored by the Cross-disciplinary Science Institute at Gettysburg College (X- SIG) and funded by a grant to Gettysburg College from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Precollege and Undergraduate Science Education Program.