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Fall 2013

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Conservatory of Music


How can we conceptualize curriculum and school knowledge to better address important questions of social change, contingency of knowledge, life in mediated worlds, and inequalities? This question was given to me by Dr. Brent Talbot for my final presentation in Music 149, Social Foundations of Music Education. The purpose of this assignment was to synthesize the knowledge of various philosophies and models of music education covered in this course while utilizing the course material given to us throughout the semester. After Dr. Talbot’s emphasis on creativity and having already written too many papers to count, I decided to write and perform a short play. I drew upon the fact that many considered Dr. Talbot and I to be doppelgängers. In this scene, I play both myself and Dr. Talbot, who is the voice in my head. I often considered what Dr. Talbot would say in regards to my projects for the class, so his voice in my head was all too familiar. This format made the most sense as a summation of my experiences and research in Social Foundations of Music Education.

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This presentation was given in Dr. Brent Talbot's course, MUS 149: Social Foundations of Music Education, Fall 2013.

The video streaming above shows Jeffrey's presentation. The file available for download is the dialogue of the presentation.