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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2015

Department 1



Literary authors and performing artists are redefining the image of the Jezebel archetype from a negative stereotype to an empowering persona. The reformation of the Jezebel’s identity and reputation, from a manipulating stereotype to an uplifting individual may not be a common occurrence, but the Jezebel archetype as a positive figure has earned a dignified position in literature and in reality. Jezebel archetypes wear their sexuality proudly. Her sultriness may be the first aspect of her identity that readers see, but readers must be cautious not to overlook her merit and moral standards as a character that has the potential to advance and mobilize her peers (within fiction and reality).


English Senior Thesis

This paper was written for Professor McKinley Melton's senior seminar, ENG: The Bible in African American Literature and Culture, Spring 2015.