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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2015

Department 1

First Year Seminar


Starting from the downfall of Goddess cultures in Europe, women's health care has been negatively impacted for generations. The rise of the white, male Indo-European "dominator model" along with the witch craze, caused the end of widespread wise women traditions and pharmacopeia methods. After women's traditional voice was silenced, medical colleges were established to pronounce new, "professional" knowledge. Only those who attended these universities were allowed to legally practice medicine; however, during this time, medical research and treatments for women primarily included mutilation and painful, nonsensical regimens. The horrifying state of women's healthcare has since improved, but was originally a direct result of several key historic events.


This paper was written for Professor Stephanie Sellers' first year seminar, FYS 130-1: Women's Health and Sexuality, Fall 2015.