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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2016

Department 1

Globalization Studies


In this paper I will illustrate what exile art is, how it is influenced on a global platform, and the change it engenders. My research reveals a central theme of globalization in the exchange, mix, and clash of cultures and political views that accompany it as well as the spread of art and ideas. In my research I illustrate how political circumstance, and sense of responsibility to share a political narrative, propelled exile art from a personal to a political narrative. My research illustrates how, as displaced people stripped of a homeland, exiled artists have surfaced as a voice of awareness, social justice, and political change, giving a voice to those who have none. I emphasize how artists in exile communicate the internal struggle of being caught between two cultures. I discuss how the artists’ symbolic rendering of the imagined third spaces of exile illustrates the intimate and personal experience of exile. Further, my research seeks to understand the significance of how this artform is received on a global market.


Globalization Studies Senior Honors Thesis