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Document Type

Student Research Paper

Date of Creation

Spring 2016

Department 1

Computer Science


The focus of this research is exploring the efficient ways we can implement the NBody problem. The N-Body problem, in the field of physics, is a problem in which predicts or simulates the movements of planets and how they interact with each other gravitationally. For this research, we are viewing if the simulation can execute efficiently by delegating the heavy computational work through different cores of a CPU. The approach that is being used to figure this out is by integrating the parallelization API OpenMP and the message-passing library OpenMPI into the code. Rather than all the code executing on a single thread, the computational work should be individually distributed based on the current nodes within the Barnes- Hut tree data. This research is an alternative to not only simulations alone but for also bigger data (which may require more distribution on work), or for computationally expensive procedures.


This paper was written based on individualized research (CS 460), Spring 2016.