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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2016

Department 1

Globalization Studies


The United States has a rich and interesting history of immigration. The country itself was created by waves of immigrants who came from across the globe. Although immigration has always existed in the U.S., the number of immigrants coming to the United States has increased during the 21st century, and as a result, a controversial debate surrounding the consequences of immigration has emerged. In this paper I examine how Americans view the debate on immigration, specifically focusing on what affects public opinion on this topic. I find that shifts in public opinion do not reflect changes in immigration patterns but rather are influenced by major events portrayed in the media such as security threats, national elections, the status of the economy, etc. Immigration is an essential part of the culture and character of the United States which is why it is important to understand how Americans view and react to this topic.


Globalization Studies Senior Honors Capstone