Vanessa’s Three Wishes

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Spring 2016

Department 1



Vanessa was orphaned at a young age and was raised by mean spirited foster parents who told her every day that she was so ugly and a disgrace to humankind. Not surprisingly, she had little self-esteem and felt unwanted, undeserving, and unloved. This sense of unworthiness and hopelessness led her to want to kill herself by jumping off of a cliff. However, hearing a dog chocking interrupted her suicide attempt, and instead she intervened on the dog’s behalf, saving him. Unbeknownst to her, this act of selfless kindness resulted in her receiving a magical ring, granting her three wishes. She chose to use these wishes to become pretty, gain a husband, and become brilliant. Interestingly, through these wishes she discovers the importance of taking control of her life and not relying on others. This realization in turn leads her to wish for wealth for the greater good so that she can leave her husband and establish an orphanage.This seemingly altruistic act had unexpected positive consequences for her as well as the children as she felt so beautiful, fulfilled, content, wanted, and needed. She created a sanctuary for these unwanted children and in turn found peace and joy within herself.

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This video was made for Professor Laurel Cohen-Pfister's course, GER 250: Fairy Tales from Grimms to Disney, Spring 2016.

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