The Thirteen Wives of Henry the Ogre

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Spring 2016

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The Thirteen Wives of Henry the Ogre is about a woman named Claudia, who loved to read and learn, and a ogre named Henry, who had never had a good relationship. Claudia did not think that getting married was the best thing for her at the time. So, she got very angry when her mother forced her to marry Henry. She did not want to be like her sisters and give up her life of learning. But when Henry and Claudia got married everything was fine until Henry went on a business trip. Before he left he told Claudia that he did not want her to go into the garage. Claudia was curious about what could be in the garage and when she opened it she found Henry’s long lost wives. Things got worse when Claudia tried to leave with her sisters and the other wives. Henry came home and started to attack Claudia when he realized that she went into the garage and that she was leaving with her sisters and the other wives. But her sister saved her using a magic ring and a powerful chant. After they defeated Henry everyone was able to be with their true loves.

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This video was made for Professor Laurel Cohen-Pfister's course, GER 250: Fairy Tales from Grimms to Disney, Spring 2016.

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