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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2016

Department 1



This body of work is meant to address the way in which Bali's present external image as a “touristic island paradise” contributes to its environmental, political, and social issues being faced. By explaining how the island’s public image can be altered to that of both a “touristic island paradise" and a "prevalently modern nation", am helping to prevent of these issues from furthering. Understanding how Bali's present image can be restructured requires first a consideration of its basis in colonization, colonial-discriminatory stereotypes/ mindsets, and how these mind-sets have affected foreign perspectives of the Balinese people today. Through analyzing examples of present-day foreign perspectives of Bali as obtained through interviews and participant observation, I can further explain to what extent they contribute to Bali's image as solely an "island paradise" and therefore begin to describe how they can further contribute to its additional image as a "prevalently modern nation". Individual foreign perspectives and mindsets of Bali/ Balinese are key to maintaining its image as a whole and therefore need to be considered in order to ultimately create a public image that will lead to further awareness of Bali's issues and in turn the desire to address these issues.


"SIT Study Abroad Indonesia: Arts, Religion and Social Change" Research Paper