Stories Remembered, Stories Told: Women of Gettysburg College from 1965-1975

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Summer 2016

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This project focuses on the experiences of Women at Gettysburg College from the Fall of 1964 to the Spring of 1975. While women attended Gettysburg College, they faced discrimination in all aspects of college life-- in the classroom, athletics, activities, their social lives and housing. Their experiences were much different compared to their male classmates. During this period, Gettysburg College was relatively conservative, politically and socially. Students were affected by the changing cultural climate, but Gettysburg College was nothing like Berkeley, Columbia or Kent State. That being said, some students were frustrated with the College’s policies. Some women noticed discrimination; others did not, or were not frustrated by it. As more and more women questioned the way they were treated. A Sleep-In was organized on March 15, 1969. This event can be viewed as a turning point for women’s and student rights at Gettysburg College.


Produced as part of the Kolbe Fellowship in the Summer of 2016.

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