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This paper provides an analysis of the experiences of Stewart Herman Winfield Jr based on a collection of his letters on loan to Gettysburg College from the Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary. This paper discusses Herman’s experiences as a student in Strasburg and Gottingen, and as the pastor of the American church of Berlin from 1936 – 1941. Born in Harrisburg, Herman attended Gettysburg College, and the Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary. Herman’s letters provide both a pastoral and an American perspective on the start of WWII and Nazism in Germany. Herman traveled frequently and witnessed the changes that Berlin faced during World War II. He also records perspectives of the many different people he meets while abroad. His letters were sent to his family in Pennsylvania. An appendix to this paper includes a transcription of a letter Herman wrote to his parents while traveling through Bamberg in February of 1936.


Written for HIST 300: Historical Method.

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