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Fall 2017

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First Year Seminar


Approximately five percent of the world’s population has dealt with a near-death experience, which is the unusual phenomenon after temporarily dying or coming close to death, where people feel like they have left their body and see an afterlife. Millions of accounts from people around the world who have experienced this occurrence tell of seeing an afterlife, which should allow for the possibility of a life after death. Although peoples’ experiences in another realm differ, they all have similar features such as travelling in a fast tunnel and encountering loving light beings. These experiences are so intense that they form a huge impact on their experiencer, thus people often change their actions and way of thinking after such an encounter with this other realm. Because many people alter their lives to such an extent following this experience, society should become more open and aware of the possibility that there could be a life after death. Although scientists have attempted to explain this phenomenon, there are still many unanswered questions.


Written for FYS 150: Death and the Meaning of Life.

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