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Spring 2018

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This study examined sixty-one Gettysburg College juniors and seniors (31 males, 30 females) to measure how the Big Five personality traits, and whether a student has Type D characteristics, determines if a student is career ready. We collected data through an in-person survey, with questions about personality traits, ambition, career readiness, and demographics. Regression was used to statistically analyze our first hypothesis. The results found that there is a significant positive association between conscientiousness and career readiness, but there is no significant association between extraversion and career readiness. For the second hypothesis, a mediation model was used. We found that ambition is not a mediator between Type D personality characteristics and career readiness. However, there is a significant positive association between Type D personality traits and career readiness. We explored whether gender plays a role in ambition responses. We concluded that there were no significant differences between males and females.


Written for OMS 301: Research Methods

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