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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2018

Department 1

Globalization Studies


Oyeyemi is a Nigerian-British writer whose writing, like other immigrant authors', participates in a dialogue about and contestation of essentialized immigrant and ethnic identities that are a result of global and local processes. Her writing produces counter-narratives in which immigrant identities are multiple, conflicting, intersectional, and most of all self-represented. This paper explores readings of Oyeyemi accompanied by the following: an examination of globalization and flows of migration; the connections of national epistemologies through media to processes like migration: how literary canon has excluded transnational fiction from the mainstream, thereby decreasing the ability of multi-ethnic and im/migrant writers to represent themselves successfully; and finally the literary shift into a more nuanced understanding of multiculturalism, diaspora, nations, and borders through persistent critiques and re-interpretations by minority writers.


Written as a senior capstone paper for Globalization Studies 440.

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