How Do We Fit In?

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Digital Project

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Summer 2018

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How Do We Fit In? is a website that looks to explore the theories of modernism and postmodernism through the context of Gettysburg College. The project has three goals. First, it aims to make the ideas of modernism and postmodernism more accessible to a non-philosophy oriented audience. Second, the project demonstrates how the themes of belief/skepticism, universalism/relativism, and the self are seen in the Gettysburg community through analyzing student works. Examples of these student works include The Mercury as well as protest publications from the 60s and 70s. Third, the project looks at the evolution of the self through the modern, the postmodern, and into the contemporary age in hopes of understanding how we conceptualize the self today and enact change in our society. Through using tools such as TimelineJS, Voyant, and text analysis, this project brings new light to Gettysburg College history as well as the reality of these eras throughout the 20th century in order to understand ourselves today.


Final project for the 2018 Digital Scholarship Summer Fellowship at Musselman Library, Gettysburg College

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