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Summer 2018

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This study evaluates the relationship between organizational culture and work-life balance. Organizations which have policies and benefits in place generally create a stronger work-life balance for employees, but if the employees do not take advantage of the policies, then the overall balance will decrease. The study tested the relationship between cultural leadership style and the effects on work-life balance of employees. With thorough evaluation of the four cultural leadership styles, organizations were ranked on a scale with employee work life balance, as well as leadership style. Through personal interviews, a survey, and observations, these variables were tested. For my study, I interviewed 34 people from seven organizations across Maryland. The results found did not match those in previous studies. This research concluded that there was no significant relationship between the organizational leadership culture and work-life balance of employees. The research demonstrates that all leadership styles are capable of having strong work-life balance for employees, but it truly depends directly on the supervisor, and not as much on the leadership style.


This research paper was written for OMS 460: Independent Summer Research Project.

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