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Fall 2018

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First Year Seminar

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Charlotte Brontё’s acclaimed novel, Jane Eyre, was first marketed as an autobiography. The story, told from the point of view of a poor orphan girl, takes on a narrative similar to that of a fairytale. In this way, a reader may find difficulty in believing this novel to be a work of nonfiction. Charlotte Brontё employs aspects of both Christianity and fantasy in her novel not to discourage her readers from believing its validity but rather to emphasize how even poor orphan girls like Jane have forces of good guiding them. Jane Eyre is fictional, yet the hardships she faces could befall anyone. Charlotte Brontё purposefully parallels her story to a fairytale to portray how even the seemingly random misfortunes and griefs of life are not without reason and that no one is helpless. With both religion and fable on her side, the orphan, Jane Eyre, was never truly alone.


Written for the First Year Seminar FYS 128: Shakespeare's Sisters.

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