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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2018

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The millennial generation is a generation of society that values technology, media, and connections, all three being equally important. This paper studies and theorizes the implications that social media has had on the workplace throughout the employee life cycle and how the traditional processes of this cycle have been altered. In the workforce, this aspect of the employee life cycle incorporates all different stages an employee goes through. From networking to being hired, to forming connections with co-workers, to working hard and performing well, to being fired, social media has impacted each stage of this cycle. Social media is a phenomenon that has continuously grown and has become important in all aspects of society, but this paper argues that it has specifically influenced the work world. Popular social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have encouraged employees to utilize social media to help aid in networking and personal connections but have also been used by employers to determine the organizations hiring and firing process. Social media use has only increased in recent years and it is evident that the implications discussed in this paper have made extremely beneficial changes to the employee life cycle.


Written for OMS 405: Gig Economy.

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