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Fall 2018

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First Year Seminar

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Religious Studies


Reincarnation, or the belief in rebirth, is a fascinating belief that many cultures and different groups of people choose to subscribe to. While it typically accompanies various religions, the idea of reincarnation can be presented in other ways as well, such as regression therapy. Past-life regression therapy involves being hypnotized and recalling previous lives, memories, and information possible through levels of incarnations. Many therapists, psychologists, and even laymen attempt to use past-life regression therapy as a useful tool in overcoming anxieties, fears, dealing with every day concerns, and understanding phenomena. “Maintaining a critical eye but also an open mind. In this way, you can appreciate the astonishing experiences.” (Return to Life 17). Being open-minded to the belief in reincarnation specifically through past-life regression therapy has proved to be beneficial to problem-ridden people allowing them to live more fulfilled and purposeful lives. While there may be skeptics, nonbelievers, and alternative explanations, understanding reincarnation in the form of past-life regressions can be amazingly beneficial, transformative, and meaningful.


Written for FYS 150: Death and the Meaning of Life and presented at the 2019 Celebration of Academic First-Year Engagement Symposium.

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