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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2019

Department 1

Environmental Studies


Various locations around the world are considered to be ‘disappearing’ due to the impacts of climate change on their natural attributes. This disappearance raises the question of how travel to those destinations will change in the future, and whether or not awareness of climate change might limit tourism. This study examines the presence of the last-chance tourism theory in college students, and hypothesizes that willingness to travel or engage in environmentally responsible behaviors will not change with increased awareness because of a desire to visit places before they disappear. A survey is used to gauge awareness and concern, as well as willingness to travel after being presented with a fact sheet on climate change and the impacts of tourism. Our results show that a large majority of students would still travel to a threatened location, but that they would also be willing to engage in environmentally responsible behaviors. Even though climate change awareness may not deter tourism, it may still increase concern and allow for the root issue of climate change to be addressed.


Written for ES 400: Science and Stories of Climate Change