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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2018

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Every hour, students and staff hear the tolling of a bell. Some students hear it and count the number of times it rings to see what time it is. Others hear it and realize they are late to class. And many come back after they have graduated and are happy to hear the bell toll once more. There are many times when the bell is rung today. The bell is rung at graduation, funerals in the Chapel, and alumni and donor recognition. The Glatfelter Bell has been part of the Gettysburg experience since 1892. This bell is housed in one of the most iconic buildings on campus—Glatfelter Hall. The hall was built between 1887-1889, before the college considered buying the bell. Both Glatfelter and its bell have a long history that began with the building initiative of the late 1800’s beginning under the presidency of Dr. Milton Valentine and that came to fruition during the presidency of Harvey McKnight.


Written for HIST 300: Historical Methods.