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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2019

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Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


The U.S.-Mexico border is a space for public debate on the legal and political aspects of immigration. Politicization of the southern border has resulted in polarized public opinion regarding immigration, leading to discrepancies between public perceptions of the Border Patrol and agents’ perceptions of their job. Agents’ work requires emotional labor, and lack of training for difficult encounters, pressure within the agency to detach from emotions, and public outcry lead to dissonance in agent perceptions of their own role in immigration enforcement. In addition, economic, ethnic, and gender-based factors contribute to agent identities, which intersect with perceptions of their roles in immigration politics; public unawareness of these factors contributes to a cycle of scrutiny that leads to agent frustration and contention.


Student research paper written for WGS 225: Gender and Global Migrations.

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