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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2019

Department 1

First Year Seminar


This research investigates various methods for producing food on the campus of Gettysburg College in order to improve food sustainability. The transportation of food contributes to the increased use of fossil fuels, which in turn leads to global warming and climate change. By producing a larger portion of its food on-campus, Gettysburg College could reduce the amount of food transported to the school, thereby lessening the College’s environmental impact. Urban farming techniques, hydroponics, aquaponics, and greenhouse-based agriculture are explored as viable methods for achieving this goal. Examples of the use of these techniques on college campuses are drawn from Allegheny College, Acadia University, and Cornell University, among others. Possible strategies for Gettysburg College’s implementation of the farming techniques proposed in this research are also included throughout.


Written for FYS 157-2: Food, Water, Shelter, Song: Staying Human on a Planet in Transition.

This paper will be presented as a poster at the Celebration of Academic First-Year Engagement Symposium.

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