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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2019

Department 1

Health Sciences


Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to particular points on the ears, hands and feet to impact the health of specific parts of the body. It is a form of complementary therapy that is used for diseases and conditions that have long lasting symptoms and need pain management. In reflexology, each pressure point acts as a sensor on the feet and hands and is linked with organs, glands and muscles in specific parts of the body. It involves the idea that a force or energy is flowing along paths, called meridians, in the body to all organs and any kind of blockage in this flow will lead to an impairment of function. The purpose of reflexology is to normalize the body’s function, break down tension, alleviate stress, and improve nerve function and blood supply throughout the body. The specific physiological mechanisms of reflexology are unknown, however, this practice has shown benefits in a wide variety of medical conditions.


Written for HS 311: Neuromuscular Physiology.