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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2020

Department 1

Political Science


In the post-Second World War era, intra-state conflict has become an increasingly prominent feature of the international system. Accompanying the increase in civil conflicts has been interventions by third-parties seeking to influence the outcome of those civil conflicts. This has had a decisive impact on the duration of civil conflict that this work seeks to analyze in detail. Using duration of civil conflict as the dependent variable and intervention as the independent variable, this work will seek to demonstrate empirically that intervention in civil conflict has a significant impact on prolonging the duration of the conflict and can contribute to complicating efforts to reach peace settlements ending civil conflict. This work seeks to achieve this by analyzing the motives of states for intervening and how it contextualizes intervention and its impact on duration and types of third-party interventions that impact duration. It will do this through analyzing relevant scholarship regarding these topics and how they impact intervention and duration of civil conflict.


Written for POL 351: Political Economy of Armed Conflict.