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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2020

Department 1



Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1979-1990. During this period she implemented policies that profoundly changed British society, politics, and its economy through neoliberal policies. This work seeks to analyze those policies and its impact on Great Britain. From Thatcher’s economic policies of neoliberalism, social policies toward the unemployed, and her foreign policy of national reinvigoration, this work seeks to provide a panoramic analysis of Thatcher’s premiership and its long term impact on Britain.This work will also seek to argue that Thatcher and her policies were both revolutionary in their thinking and contributed to realigning British political thought. It is because of this these profound changes that these policies were so controversial as it shaped the modern political debate within Great Britain as this work seeks to demonstrate. This work will also argue further that Thatcher’s policies and their impact are still being felt today in Britain and and will likely continue to do so due to the sheer transformative nature of those policies this work will analyze.


Written for History 319: Europe Since 1945.