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Document Type

Student Research Paper

Date of Creation

Spring 2020

Department 1

Political Science


The effects of immigrants on crime has been the subject of hostile conversations and bold claims. As anti-immigrant sentiments see an increase in mainstream society, the empirical research suggesting an explanation to such claims are direly needed. Using PEW Research databases, and the States 2016 database in Stata, I evaluate the effects of unauthorized immigrant density of a given region on various crime rates of the aforementioned region. In particular, I assess the violent crime rate, murder crime rate, and property crime rates of states in America. Utilizing confidence intervals, ordinary least squares regression models (OLS), and a number of Stata commands, I predict that an increase in the number of unauthorized immigrants will be linked to a decrease in the crime rate of a given region. Future research will enhance the findings of this study by offering an international scope to this study and controlling for a number of key variables in such studies. My research aims to offer the reader an empirical and quantitative approach to understanding the nature of relations between unauthorized immigration and crime.


Written for POL 215: Methods of Political Science.