Class Year


Document Type

Student Research Paper

Date of Creation

Spring 2019

Department 1

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


This paper identifies the ways in which and the reasons why white women contribute to white supremacy through an analysis of a blog called "Wife With a Purpose" written by #TradWife Ayla Stewart. I found that the primary methods white women use to uphold white supremacy are reproducing it through the family, subscribing to hegemonic white femininity, and repeatedly choosing to identify with their privileged identity of being white as opposed to their oppressed identity of being a woman. White women contribute to those factors in covertly racist ways, often making it more difficult to call them out for it. I conclude by discussing how these covertly racist actions are the base of the white supremacy pyramid and without them, could not reach the overtly racist acts at the top, like genocide.


Written as a Senior Capstone in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies.