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Fall 2019

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Africana Studies


It is an undeniable fact that racism has been present in the United States since the beginning of the European colonization of the nation. Structural racism and implicit biases are the modern reality of the African American experience, reflecting years of direct racial targeting, mistreatment and discrimination. Today, there are many examples of deeply rooted racial discrepancies, de facto segregation, and modern acts of colonization. Perhaps one of the most troubling disparities present between African Americans and white Americans is the alarming difference in their experiences with healthcare. After a long history of medical torture, mistreatment, and a denial of basic human rights, there exists an ingrained distrust of the medical field, accompanied by racially charged treatment differences, and the misunderstanding of different medical needs in diverse societies, leading to major health inequalities among African Americans and white Americans.


Written for AFS 130: Introduction to African-American Studies

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