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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2020

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Public Policy


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected people’s lives in unprecedented ways. Concerns about social distancing have resulted in the cancellation of therapy and doctor’s appointments, leaving those with serious mental health issues without treatment. The need for social distancing amidst the pandemic has particularly affected children seeking treatment from Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs), many of whom have witnessed or experienced abuse. In order to treat children who cannot physically go to a center, many CACs have begun using teletherapy, which is the use of interactive, synchronous technology to provide counseling services. The Adams County Children’s Advocacy Center in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania has found teletherapy to be a highly effective method of aiding children during the pandemic and plans on continuing the use of teletherapy services for families who encounter barriers to in-person treatment. Ultimately, the use of telehealth to deliver therapy services has become imperative in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, and has been effectively utilized in Children’s Advocacy Centers, including the Adams County Children’s Advocacy Center.

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