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Fall 2020

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Political Science


Economic globalization is a phenomenon driving major developments in the international system. With the force of this phenomenon shaping events within states and interactions among them, the question of economic globalization’s impact on state capacity is worthy of an in-depth analysis. In this work I use economic globalization as the central explanatory variable and state capacity as the dependent variable and seek to establish an empirical relationship between the two that will offer the social science community a better understanding of how this phenomenon is shaping state capacity in developing countries. Based on available scholarship, I argue that economic globalization in its current form poses major issues for state capacity in developing states at international, national, and structural levels. I explore policy ramifications for the potential threat that economic globalization poses for that ability of state capacity in the developing world to mitigate economic globalization’s destabilizing effects.


Written for POL 403: International Relations Capstone- Globalization

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