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Fall 2020

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Political Science


Since the birth of the nation state, we have been undergoing a process called globalization. Simply put, globalization is the process of interaction and integration among the people, companies and governments of different nations. It is a process driven by trade and investment and supported by economic partnerships and institutions. As time goes on, the effects of globalization have become more intense, and are felt disproportionately across nations and socio-economic levels, resulting in a backlash that has been largely characterized by the rise of right-wing populism. It is thus important to study the effects that globalization has on level of democracy within a country, as countries begin to grapple with this political movement that often clashes with democracy. This paper studies the effects of both economic and political globalization, and finds that, however marginal, both political and economic globalization have a positive effect on Electoral Democracy Index within a country. This means that as political and economic globalization increase within a state, so does that state’s level of democracy. This has important implications for the future because it helps to undermine the anti-globalization discourse that is so often advanced by conservatives and right-wing populists.


Written for POL 403: Capstone in International Relations

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